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Achieve Your Personal Goals

Count on us for self-esteem coaching in Lafayette, LA

Rise above what no longer serves you with Life and Self Concept Coaching at Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics in Lafayette, Louisiana. Free yourself from limiting beliefs, phobias, regret and unforgiveness. ThroughNeuro-Linguistics Programming, Hypnosis and Self Concept and Life Coaching, you will discover resources within yourself to achieve the life that you've always dreamed of.

  • Stretch Your potential
  • Achieve Personal goals
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Eliminate limiting Beliefs
  • Broaden Your horizon
  • Set Yourself free From Regret, Fear and Self Doubt
  • Grow Mentally, Emotionally & spiritually
  • Discover Personal Inner resources
  • Come to Love & Appreciate yourself

Reach out to us for Self-Esteem, Self-Concept and Spiritual Coaching with Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics in Lafayette, La.
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Are you seeing these signs you have low self-esteem ?

If you are struggling to obtain inner peace, joy, motivation or inspiration, let us help you unravel the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics in Lafayette, La. offers a wide range of coaching options and workshops, as well as hypnosis and counseling to strengthen your self-concept and help you to be the best version of yourself. You no longer have to:

  • Be overly sensitive to criticism
  • Speak negatively about yourself
  • Focus on your negatives and ignore your achievements.
  • Blame yourself when things go wrong
  • Think other people are better than you

Freedom and victory await you at Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics in Lafayette, La.
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