Christian Grief Counseling

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Don't Struggle Through the Grieving Process Alone

Turn to us for Christian grief counseling in Lafayette, LA

Need help working through your grief? Contact Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics. We provide Christian grief counseling in Lafayette, LA. Our program is rooted in the Christian faith, with key elements being drawn from a deep spiritual center. We offer virtual appointments, but we recommend in-person sessions for the best results.

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What can we do to help ?

In addition to traditional grief counseling, Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics in Lafayette, LA, also provides several ways to help with the process while gently supporting and guiding you along your path. Processing modalities include:

  • Therapeutic Art: An opportunity for non-verbal expression and communication.
  • Restorative yoga: Supported poses that aid in rest and healing.
  • Labyrinth Walks: A gentle walking path for prayer and deep introspection.
  • Grief Retreats (Day or Weekend): A gently supported space offering a healing place for the heart &¬†mind, away from the demands of everyday life.

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