Experienced my first Reiki session here and it was a great experience. Paris made me feel comfortable as she is well educated and experienced in this field of healing and growth. I look forward to exploring more services that she offers.

Shelly B.

I'm so grateful for my opportunity to work with Paris. Her guided meditations helped me have major breakthroughs and break out from where I felt stuck. She is passionate about her clients!

Kate Maddox

I went in to see Paris after i had a ligament sprain in my clavicle that was radiating pain across my chest, down my left arm.

The Reiki session was 90 minutes, although i didn't feel sleepy, i immediately felt relaxed on the table & went to another world when she began her work. My eyes never opened but i went deep, felt my body lighten, areas twitch/tingle in areas that needed to release.

Her feedback was very insightful & the next day, the pain in my chest had subsided.

If anyone is looking for alternative ways to heal their body/mind, schedule with Paris...she is very in tune & gifted light worker.

Amy LeBlanc

I am so grateful to have found and connected with Paris. She is an absolutely amazing therapist who has helped change my life in many ways. I highly recommend Paris.

Lisa Hubbard

Paris is a wonderful person. I can just think about her & with in a couple of hours or less she is sending me messages! Most of the time she knows things are not setting well with me. Usually before I know what is going on. She is a great confidant, but s

Tammy Smmons

I am so very grateful for these amazing sessions with Paris from Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics
The last few weeks have been riddled with breakthroughs I did not expect and have been such an essential element of my healing and personal growth. I'm feeling pretty good about the situation itself. I'm feeling really strong in myself but gentle in my nature. I haven't done the hypervigilant Jess thing and played out the scenario 1000 different ways, I know what attitude and behavior I want to take. All the things I was anxious about last time we spoke are no longer in the forefront of my mind.
Thank you again Paris for all that you do ❤️

Jessica G