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Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics LLC in Lafayette, La. offers various workshops and retreats that support deep introspection and self-discovery. Delve inward and discover your full potential with the support and assistance of our certified coach and connect with the amazing individual that you are at one of our workshops or retreats. Our retreats promote healing, growth, grounding and centering. Forward focused transformation is the intention at our retreats and workshops. The resources you need for the life you dream of is within you; let us help you tap into the power from within.

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When the path of life changes suddenly, let us walk beside you

Grief comes in many forms. The loss of a loved one, a relationship, a pet, a dream, a job or career. The loss of health or even a home. The list is endless. We have all experienced loss in our lifetime. If we cannot process our grief effectively, it can compound with other grief along the way. At Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics in Lafayette, La., we understand the complexity of grief and how it effects lives. We offer various grief (full day or weekend) retreats throughout the year.

Check our calendar of events for the grief retreat that suits your need or call Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics in Lafayette, La. for more information at 337-368-9437.