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What is the Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth is an ancient and sacred path of introspection. It is a powerful tool for inner reflection, quiet prayer contemplation with God and walking meditation that promotes and supports spiritual growth and healing. The first labyrinth dates as far back as 324 AD in Algeria. The most common Labyrinth known today, the French Chartres was constructed on the floors of the French Chartres Cathedral in 1230 AD. A single path, which leads in and out features 11 circuits and has thirty-four turns weaving back and forth, representing the various twist and turns experienced in life. A six petal rosette at the center represents six different kingdoms: mineral, plant, animal, human, angelic and Divine and also represents going within. Unlike a maze that features dead ends and presents the challenges of getting lost, the Labyrinth has only one winding path leading both in and out and although you cannot get lost, you can get turned around, while remaining on the same path leading in or out. The Labyrinth is not associated with religion and can enrich every walk of life. At Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics LLC in Lafayette, Louisiana, we incorporate the Labyrinth in many of our workshops and retreats. As a certified Labyrinth Facilitator, we host educational workshops for the public and facilitate various sacred ceremonies for individuals reverencing a milestone in life.

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Benefits of Walking the Labyrinth

At Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics LLC in Lafayette, Louisiana, we are committed to assisting you in achieving the results you desire. The following are just a few of the benefits of walking the Labyrinth.

  • Quiets the mind
  • Reduces stress by calming the nervous system
  • Minimizes external stimuli and distractions
  • Restores balance and homeostasis
  • Promotes deeper self-reflection and awareness
  • Cultivates a deeper connection to God
  • Improves Creativity
  • Encourages communication with God
  • Enriches prayer and meditation
  • Promotes Clarity
  • Assist in Grounding & Centering
  • Cultivates Inner Peace

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Ceremony and the Labyrinth

Because the Labyrinth is a singular and circular path leading inward, it beautifully represents a sacred and contained space for ceremony. At Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics LLC in Lafayette, Louisiana, we can help to create the pertinent ceremony for your memorable event. The following are a few milestones where the Labyrinth can enrich your special commencement.

  • Honoring Rites of Passage: Weddings, Graduations, Funerals, Birthdays, Baby Dedication, Other Traditions
  • Daily Support: Prayer, Meditation, Solstice and Moon Cycle Walks,
  • Celebrating Community: Establishing Connection as a Community in Churches, Schools, Prayer Groups, Network Groups, Team Building etc.
  • Healing Support: Bereavement, Preparation for Surgery, Chronic or Terminal Illness
  • Community Support: Standing in the Gap for those who are ill, injured, suffering, etc

Personal Note from Your Facilitator

Establishing a relationship with the Labyrinth is such an intimate and personal experience. After being introduced to the Labyrinth 24 years ago, I knew straight away that I wanted to share this experience with others. My personal experience with Labyrinth has been one that has deepened my spiritual perception in relation to oneness, as well as in relation to a deeper connection to self. As a facilitator, I am both moved and enlightened by observing each individual as they trustingly follow the winding pathway, representing life's challenges, setbacks and struggles. It is profoundly humbling to witness the waltz between sojourners as they mingle and cross each other's path along the way, reminding us all, that we are universally connected as one and yet remain an individual and sacred entity with a unique story, purpose and call. My life has been fully enriched by the experience as a Labyrinth facilitator and I am honored for the opportunity to personally witness the growth, freedom, clarity, wisdom and unity of those who walk the Labyrinth under my facilitation.