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Invest into Your Commitment and Future with the benefits of Pre-Marital Counseling

Book Pre-Marital Counseling in Lafayette, LA

Pre-Marital Counseling is the most valuable investment a couple can apply toward their future moving forward into matrimony. Addressing core values, core beliefs and personal expectations can ensure
that a stable and strong foundation is in place. Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics LLC in Lafayette, Louisiana specializes in pre-marital counseling.
Give us a call and let us help you step forward on the right foot into the future of your most cherished relationship. 337-368-9437

Benefits of Pre-Marital Counseling

  • Help couples understand each other's expectations
  • Adjust unrealistic expectations
  • Discuss how to manage expectations in the future
  • Provide useful tools for marriage
  • Identify and address any potential areas of conflict in a relationship early on, before those issues become serious concerns
  • Teach partners effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict

More Than a Pre-Martial Counselor & Wedding Officiant (Small Weddings Only)

Choosing a lifetime partner is no minor decision and neither are the details of your wedding day. Sometimes a large wedding is not an option but the cause for reverence and celebration is still a must. From proposal to the exchange of vows, our Registered Wedding Officiant at Relaxation & Wellness Therapeutics LLC in Lafayette, Louisiana can take the stress out of planning and assist you in creating your special day. Call today to schedule your free consultation. 337-368-9437 The following are services we provide.

  • Let us help you to create the perfect proposal.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling-Invest in the most important commitment you will ever make
  • Writing Vows and Ceremony-Let us help you express what is on your heart and create the most memorable and cherished ceremony
  • Wedding Planning-Let us help take the stress out of planning
  • Registered Wedding Officiant
  • Engagement Photos